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Peebles with friends.

We set off in good time to meet up with Gerald In Peebles. It was slightly over an hours drive and the latter part of it was through some beautiful borders countryside. Very green with rolling hills and at times dramatic scenery. A change from our location and again massively different from the Highlands. Scotland neve fails to deliver as far as scenery goes.

Gerald has been holidaying here for over 10 years with his family and you can see the attraction.

We walked through the park and alongside the river from the town towards where he is staying.

The view from the accommodation which is hard to beat. The cottage is in the grounds of an old castle.

Here laird Gerald of Marchwood inspects his stately pile with an appreciative audience.

We then gently strolled back towards town through another beautiful park with Rugby pitches and trees in bloom.

We had a nice lunch before we said our goodbyes after a brief stroll around charity shops we headed home. We experienced some meaty downpours but by and large managed to dodge the worst of them. We had beautiful sunshine for the walk so all in all it would have to be chalked up as a win.

Below is the driveway into where Gerald is staying. The castles main function nowadays is as a wedding venue and an upmarket air B and B for wealthy Americans. You can understand why people would want to hire this stunning venue.

Tomorrow the weather forecast has changed to a much healthier outlook. So we will head out for a further exploration of the local area!

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