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Photo’s from the new phone working and worst midges so far

Working today weather chilly we’ve had helpful communication from down south underlining the temperature difference of some 10 degrees! However we still would not change place mind the midges are ramping up! We had another 35 arrivals and similar departures!

I have taken pictures with the new phone which apparently is far superior, some of the site

Reception with Rae working hard

A view of our living arrangements with the glorious backdrop.

Next door to where we live is the camping field.

Running alongside is the entrance to the site.

As you can see the mountains or Munros that surround us are beginning to green up.

Weather continues to alter the backdrop and gives a different view every time we step out of our door.

I hope the investment in the new phone translates into better pictures on the blog!

Half day tomorrow and off to the vets on Monday as Gordon needs yet more teeth extracted!

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Lizzie Roberts
Lizzie Roberts
13 de jun. de 2021

Pictures look much better!

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