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Pigs Gannets and seals

Trying to make the best of this bonus weather and accommodate the dog's aversion to the sun. With this in mind we drove to a place we had previously stayed overnight.

Started off walking up into the woods and meeting up with an old friend who was happy to help dispose of Raes emergency 🍎.

Just shouted pig and she came running. Apparently they are super bright and remember people it's nice to think so.,Shane they taste so good.

The path wound its way through the forest offering plenty of shade for princess.

There's a social enterprise project halfway round serving great coffee and cake.

Suitabley refreshed we carried on through the most expensive golf course in Scotland. Along the coast over these rocks. When last we were here there was a dead minke whale on the rocks. Today we found vertebrates and have grabbed one. A little smelly but advised to take it home and boil it. It will be great doorstop.

Back along the beach

We set up our reclining chairs and enjoyed nature's bounty. We watched Gannets plummet into the sea, cormorants fly past, eider ducks diving and to top it off a seal beaching close by to enjoy the sunshine.

We've had to wait until autumn to get the best weather day of our stay. It's all the more special as it's totally unexpected.

Tomorrow it's more of the same. Still awaiting van repair but you can bet the weather will change when we're ready to head off.

We will to try to find a compromise for all our group tomorrow.

Another rare site below

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