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Pinch yourself moment and refuge.

We had an enjoyable evening pleasant company and great food thanks to the sterling effort put in by Rae. We awoke this morning with surprisingly clear heads. We looked up as we left our van to make the strenuous 30 second commute to work and soaring above on the thermals were not one but two Golden Eagles. There will never be another time in our life that we are able to say that sentence. We have to pinch ourselves and realise that this is what dreams are made of.

Half day at work and then we waited until the sunny weather disappeared before we headed out for a walk with no waterproofs. Looking behind us we were able to see as is the way up here the rain chasing us.

We then had to find refuge where we could. If dogs could talk then I think our ears would be ringing!

That’s us sat under an abandoned lorry trailer. As is the way 20 minutes later blue skies and sunshine.

My knee is currently swollen so we have decided to postpone the walk we had planned. Instead we will head off to Applecross reportedly one of the most beautiful places in Scotland up a very narrow and twisting single track road. Rae is not totally sold on the idea but has agreed to keep her eyes closed. Which does seem to somewhat negate the purpose of the trip but ho hum. I will take pictures for her as I drive which will help calm her nerves😳

Clouds trapped in the mountain crevice!

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