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Plus and minus

A beautiful day with glorious sunshine and barely a breeze. However the temperature hovered around zero for most of the day but felt warmer in the sun. We set off for a circular walk in and around Abbotsbury. Some steep hills but vey soon joined the coastal path.

With Gordon leading the way.

Unfortunately we stumbled across a pheasant shoot but luckily they spotted us a called a halt to proceedings as we passed by. Not a pleasant sound or sight but a little drowned out by a helicopter passing overhead!

Beautif blue skys with great views over towards Portland Bill

looking down over the swanery closed for winter onto Chesil Beach.

Walking along the ridge towards the village dropping down then up towards the iconic chapel which is a landmark remembered from my childhood.

The chapel was open today but far more interesting from the outside. Apparently left over from the Abbey destroyed by Henry the 8th.

It did afford a great view of the village.

After 8 miles we returned to van to do some washing. The heater in the van is keeping us snug we even had to to turn it down last night.

Tomorrow is the last dry day for a while and I believe last night at -7 and tonight are the last sub zero days for a while with temperatures heading upwards of +16.

Bus into Weymouth tomorrow for a wander and possibly a pub lunch or even seaside fake fish and chips!

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