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Pluses and minuses

We had to get the car in for MOT first thing. We were expecting to get it back or at least get the bad news or good in the morning. Unfortunately we didn't hear anything till 6. Yep it failed doesn't sound to drastic so hopefully won't break the bank.

Spent the day painting the van with hamerite. Sounds awful but has actually made it look better.

Meanwhile Rae has booked our ferry trip to France for early December. Due back early March. Hoping to head to the south of Spain for the weather and Raes Spanish.

So not a wasted day and just a little bit of rain mind the temperature remains cool. Weather has been a little on the dismal side for a while now and no sign of it changing anytime soon.

After we found out the car would not be ready until tomorrow we headed off up the hill pass the old graveyard. Apparently this happens to you if you stop paying the rent.

As always great views out across to Edinburgh.

And out to sea the other way.

Tomorrow is sunshine and showers so we will take the bikes out. Hopefully the car will be back tomorrow.

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