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Private Beach.

We got up and took the car turning away from the big city of Agadir.

We stopped on a headland and walked along the cliff top.

With great views in both directions.

The path was windy through the bushes and trees which are an omnipresent part of Morocco.

We then set off on the way back stopping at a brightly coloured collection of houses in a bay.

A very strange place brightly coloured alleyways

With artwork all over.

Very strange as the town had nothing in it no bars no cafes or hotels. There was one tiny shop and one man renting 2 sets of beach chairs in an otherwise empty and unpopulated beach.

We payed the £4 and spent a solitary 3 hours.

It's a beautiful beach and seems set up for something but totally empty!

Rae attempted to take the plunge but the combination of waves and cold dissuaded her.

A little more the 2 miles in each direction are a couple of large tourist towns. This one was in a much larger bay and I guess it will only be a question of time before the developers move in.

The next town over had the obligatory camel and horse ensemble. Although this was a unique pairing

Last night we had dinner on the seafront and witnessed another cool sunset.

One more day in paradise. Forecast is for more of the same. So we will decide on what do tomorrow morning.

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