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Protest and lights

We had the coldest night for a year but managed to survive with hats and coats in bed. It comes to something when you get dressed to go to bed.

Up early caught the train into Southampton.

National Express to London to join the ceasefire march. We walked from Victoria to Marble Arch and congregated in Hyde park.

This was by far and away the most family friendly and peaceful march I have been on. Many delays and bottleneck s but not one harsh word or negative comment. We were prepared too walk away had there been any antisemitism or hatred. Not once was it mentioned there were Jews marching alongside moselems and every other religion demanding a ceasefire and an end to the slaughter.

After the march we walked back to Victoria in total walking over a 11 miles so far.

The Christmas lights are on and the crowds were out. We walked along Regent Street,Oxford street stopping in Leicester Square for dinner before heading back via Piccadilly Circus. Incredibly busy dread to think what it will be like closer to Christmas.

A interesting and worthwhile day. We both feel that it was worth the effort.

Not sure what tomorrow brings.

Last night we enjoyed watching granddaughter take to the ice!

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