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Puffins are at home.

Off to puffin island as Rae took her Spanish lesson,and was giving Gordon some company.

Rain was expected but didn't materialise.

Almost 100,000 puffins on the island.

In beautiful weather!

On the way in huge cliffs decorated with bird excrement.

Not only Puffins!

Mammals too!

Eider ducks on her nest!

Daddy duck!

Early birds!

And the odd intrusion.

As we left the island.

We were waved goodbye by these guys.

As we returned back to port.

At least our day was a whole heap better than the owner of this!

Met up with Rae for a walk on the local beach.

Below is Puffin burrows .

Tomorrow we switch roles I'm Gordon sitting Raes off to Puffin world.

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