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Purple hills purple foot!

We had a decent day in front of us so we decided to make the most of it by heading towards the Pentland hills. About a 45 minute drive from us. Just the other side of the Forth Road bridge.

Initially the path took us alongside the first of 4 lochs. Initially there were a few people about with some of them swimming.

We started on a gentle climb on well maintained paths. At this stage I was becoming more aware of the sore foot.

The second loch was more remote and less populated.

The heather is in full bloom and the hills are bedecked with the purple flowers. There were bee hives dotted around. Scottish heather honey is a sort after commodity. We stopped for lunch, painkillers and general foot maintenance. By this time we had reached the point of no return as we were 4.5 miles into a 8 mile walk.

The path was well defined and strangely up or down slopes were easier on the foot.

Passed this waterfall were two elderly ladies were in a state of undress. So a quick snapshot and I beat a hasty retreat.

The foot maintenance seemed to have paid off as I was definitely walking a little better. The path had also improved.

Foot continued to behave and it was all downhill!

Nearly back at the car and the final loch which surprisingly seemed a little depleted. Mind it probably supplies Edinburgh which is an incredibly busy city.

The hills were beautiful the walk was amazing. We shall see how the foot is in the morning. Whatever the outcome really glad we made the effort.

Home via Costco. Weather is back to its usual pattern of rain tomorrow. So we shall play it by ear.

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