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Quiet day and midges update. The return of the long distance walkers.

The nights are drawing in and there’s a definite autumn feel in the air. Gone are the families and young people and in their place are the silver foxes. The long distance walkers are returning one more for one last hurrah before the weather ramps up for the winter. The cape wrath trail remains a favourite. 250 miles of no fix path making it the most difficult long distance walk in the UK. The tents are tiny but seem too be able to withstand the elements but are not so successful at fending off the midges. We are used to seeing people limping through our cates looking like they have bee cavorting in a field of nettles. We continue to be largely unaffected by the little blighters. Midge rating remains at 3 out of 5. Unfortunately due to the effects of global warming we are blessed with a 3rd hatching that has extended the midge season on into October. The weather was better today a little chilly and overcast but dry. As has been the case lately many comings and going’s.

I was out battling with the brambles trying to restrain there attempts to encroach onto pitches. It’s a never ending fight. Hopefully it will become easier as the growing season comes to an end. Work tomorrow and then off on Tuesday for our last 3 day adventure. The next batch of days off will be spent locally giving us a chance to visit favourite locations and start to say goodbye.

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