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Rain and a busy day in the office.

The day was forecast to be wet and dismal. It certainly did not disappoint. When the weather is as it was there’s little you can do outside. So we did some training in between bin runs cleaning and booking people in and out. Rae attempted to dodge the downpours to carry out some weeding but had to admit defeat after her frequent soakings. The day gradually improved and by evening after the last arrivals just before 8 pm the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.

Although the surrounding mountains held onto there cloud toppers. Second day in in sole charge and no dramas, so far so good. Finally as the sun set we settled down to eat .

We are working for the next 2 days with Saturday a day off. We are looking forward to friends arriving on Sunday and we are heading up north with them for our days off from Tuesday. To a place called Ullapool a seaside town. Looking forward to catching up with them and reconnecting for a while with our old life!

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