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Rain and camel not bothered 😕

It was forecast heavy rain today this was reinforced by the power outage that we awoke to .

So we decided to drive up to a walled city for a final bit of shopping and a look around.

The drive up was unaventful about 2.5 hours each way on major roads and our first toll road about 20p so managed to afford it.

The town itself is surrounded by approximately 6 miles of walls most of them reconstructed. The city of Taroudant was the same as the other cities we have visited here. The souk was billed as a mini Maraquesh but ad it was a Sunday surprisingly low key. We got the couple of things we needed had lunch then headed home.

Past this grisly reminder of the relationship with camels the locals have. Its obviously winter so the meat is tender😱,

The closeness to the food source brings a certain honesty and connection that's been lost at home.

As you can see from the headline picture there's no shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables here. It's been one of the highlights of our trip.

The trip back was at times difficult due to the torrential rain.

We got back to the coast the clouds started to clear and the sun started to shine.

No plans as yet for tomorrow but the lights are on and the forecast is for uninterrupted sunshine until we leave Thursday morning.

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