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Rain as expected followed by an ideal day!

We had arrived later than we would have wanted to last night and all of the designated parking fir motor homes were taken . This meant we had to park on a rather precarious slope. Despite ramps it meant we ended up sleeping in a very uncomfortable bundle as we rolled to one corner. Rae was less than impressed as her cramping muscles were giving her gip. On the plus side it rained like a monsoon and that along with the breaking waves eased our collective pain.

We awoke to a beautiful day with views to match.

We decided to walk the10 miles two train stops down the line to the town Inverkething at the start of the forth railway bridge.

It was an ideal day for walking with a nice breeze and a few clouds.

We snuck a cheeky glance into the local castle as we were to tight to pay to look at a few old stones!

There was a diversion on the coastal path as a footbridge was being replaced. This added to the journey but didn't interfere with the views.

We stumbled across a ruined abbey an the way through .

lovely setting and only us there. We stopped for a picnic using a convenient gravestone as a seat.

It doesn't sound good but they had been resting for the last five hundred years. And it was free.

We carried on walking and speede up when we saw this sign. I persuaded Rae to delay her sandcastle building.

We came across this old quarry and noticed a strange set of bubbles emanating from the depths. It turned out to a few scuba divers doing their thing.

We got to the end point in good spirits and all seemed to have enjoyed the walk.

This was the last forecast rain free day for a while. Tomorrow we may stay local weather dependent and get some more paint for the van. Speaking of which we will also need to contact the garage to get van repaired.

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