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Rain electrical faults and problem solving !

I took the above photo at 10.30 last night at least we have more daylight to fit the rain into!

Today was initially dry if a little chilly. However the rain arrived late afternoon and has been persistent ever since. We spent a long tine yesterday trying to waterproof the pod. So we are keeping a keen eye on the damp patch.

Mind things could be worse

The tents that the walkers turn up with are tiny for obvious reasons but you would struggle to turn over in one. Not so bad on a dry day but on days like today when you can’t sit out it means that you sleep when you stop and set off when you awake.

issues with electric meant we had to juggle arrivals and move people around on site. At one point 10 pitches were out. However it was all hands to the pump poor Simon and Judith had there time off severely interrupted but what could have been a disaster ended up being managed very well. Score 1 for teamwork! Hopefuly the day off they have tomorrow will be more restful for them! 🥺🌈

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