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Rain,hedges trimmed and a life saved!

Morning was overcast but warm so the midges were up and about at the crack of dawn. Day spent trimming trees and hedges. The rain started at about 2 and was a constant from then on. The wind dropped and it wasn’t cold but got soaked to the bone. Trimmed a couple of hedges by hand rather than using petrol trimmer in case of birds nesting. The guy from over the mountain Jake dropped off the bike wheel he repaired and only charged a tenner nice bloke,originally from London but now selling his produce in local shop mending the odd bike landscaping and was running the local bike hire until covid.

I found this fellow crossing the road when I stopped he froze in mid stride a played dead. In the end I had to move him by hand (luckily I was wearing gloves).

I presume he’s a toad?

Another bit of wildlife to add to the list. I have seen more wild critters in 4 months than I have encountered in 40 years. That includes thousands of hours wandering around the New Forest.

This is a place of wonder and beauty!

Working tomorrow but weather is supposed to be improving 🤞

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