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Rain Rain and flood warnings☔️

It’s been truly horrible weather today luckily not cold and wind has reduced slightly. Spoken to the awning supplier and he assures me that we are safe! Day has been spent outside, of note waterproof clothing as modelled above are not Highlands waterproof! We removed a fence and edged pitches. A little bit tired of the weather as it’s unrelenting and restricts what we are able to do both in and out of work. This coupled with zoom catch-up with friends and in particular grandchildren left us feeling a little down and asking for the first time if we have done the right thing? This will pass and some regrets which are inevitable are I believe part of the process.

As I write the rain is pounding for the first time I comprehend wat a monsoon must be like. Flood warnings in place for adjacent river and new waterfalls cascading off the mountains. Snow all but gone but luckily more forecast for end of week! Back home people are experiencing a unseasonal heatwave but at least we will be saving on suntan lotion.

Here‘s hoping for a quieter night! At least we are gaining more confidence with each apocalyptic weather event. Bring on the midges we will be ready!!!

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