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Rain rain and more rain.

Nowhere does weather like up here. It’s been relentless from early morning too now. It was supposed to be sunshine and showers and it briefly flirted with the sun!

We are at cloud level and you can see the next batch of heavy rain heading down the valley towards us.

There are flood warnings in place and some of Scotland has been very severely affected. We border on a river and have been contacted by the environment agency to be on alert.

It came very close to bursting its banks last time we had rain like this. On the plus side looking out we get to see all the newly formed waterfalls cascading off the mountains that surround us. Unfortunately we are in a bowl and there’s very little wind which means that rain clouds tend to get stuck.

Due to the inclement weather our duties were curtailed somewhat. We did the basics plus some extra cleaning in the office for the visit tomorrow. An important visit as ours and our colleagues futures will be discussed and hopefully we will have a clearer idea of what we will be up to next season.

Due a misunderstanding we have postponed our trip to Oban until after the visit. Instead we are heading for Inverness for Wednesday nights football. It’s weird being up here and so isolated when England are probably having there best tournament since 66. I miss the sense of being part of something with family friends and strangers. Needless to say there’s little or no interest in the game up here. We’ve book into a backpacking hostel so hopefully a few sassanachs will be in attendance! We are taking the train to Inverness from Kyle, It’s said to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the UK ( another one). It was definitely on our todo list so two birds….

Fingers crossed for tomorrow I’m confident that the site is as good as it can be. We have had many positive reviews and no disasters!

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05 jul 2021

You are living in an amazing place!xxx

Me gusta
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