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Rain Squirrels shopping and gyms

Another yellow warning for rain and it seems like the next 10 days are going to be wet. But we have the appropriate clothing and it certainly isn't cold . Plus the van remains waterproof which is an essential bonus!

I sat in the tent whilst Rae did her Spanish class and had an unexpected companion.

I think they are this year's crop. Didn't seem phased ,they had been observing me for a while before breaking and entering.

They are frequent attendees at the bird feeder and have knocked it to the ground on numerous occasions. It's nice to have them as neighbours and the birds don't seem to mind. It's a joy to watch and remains very popular with the local wildlife.

We are taking advantage of the £3 Monday night film offer to go see the last Indiana Jones movie.

It's a strange cinema a little run down with sofas in place of seats.

We popped into town did a bit of shopping and then spent an hour or so in the Gym. Gordon appears to enjoying his rest day.

Tomorrow is our Crystal wedding anniversary so off on a little excursion followed by a meal.

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