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Rainbows and a birth.

We set off in good spirits to look for a national trust house. We have a membership so thought it would be a nice destination. The weather forecast was good so we got the bikes out assembled and off we went.

The views are classic English countryside and Dorset excelles in these.

We were well on the way when two things occurred the heavens opened and the battery on the bike went from full to half empty in a minute. So discretion being the better part of valour we readjusted our destination to a slightly nearer Abbey. It still meant a bicycle ride of over 30 miles.


We took a picture through the railings had a picnic nearby then headed back.

As we were passing a field we stopped to take a picture of a rainbow and witnessed a newborn calf take its first steps and it's first meal.

Not the day we were expecting but a nice bike ride through some outstanding countryside in mainly good weather.

Tomorrow we move on again not sure where but westward bound are we.

It's been a lovely site here and the staff and fellow campers have been chatty and very friendly.

Our spoils from yesterday.

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