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Rainbows and cycles

Morning spent trying to sort out the bicycle thank god for Keith. I took it into him and he sorted it in minutes. I had spent hours trying to sort it the other day. All it needed was a washer and Keith's magic touch.

We eventually got off and met up with daughter and grandkids for a bike ride in the forest. Gordon had to share the trailer with his nemesis ex buddy Derek.

We were out for 3 hours. It was a ride that took in road and track and was largely unaventful but very enjoyable .

We finished off with ice cream and a drink.

Dropped everyone off and then had to find a fuse as Rae had blown it this morning when trying to boil an electric kettle. Lesson learned can't be done unless we are attached to electric.

Swapped cars in preparation for tomorrow as we are heading off to Hampton Court for a Halloween extravaganza with the grandkids.

We remain on the industrial estate for tonight and tomorrow. Then we will move to Raes Mums in Eastleigh for a couple of days. There we will insulate the roof in the van well at least we are giving it a go.

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