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Rainbows and friends on the way!

We started the day with rain and there have been sunshine and showers some of them heavy throughout the morning on into the evening. The winds are picking up and are forecast to increase in intensity. We are hopeful that we will miss the brunt of them. It will be a good test of the robustness of our recently erected caravan awning. Although judging by the excess flapping that’s occurring I have my doubts. We shall see. Otherwise an uneventful day with outside tasks again curtailed by the weather. 30 ish comings and going’s.

Rae got a surprise gift from a grateful camper for being friendly and helpful and I got to share the chocolate orange! Friends are now in Scotland and we are looking forward to catching up it will be a nice reminder of times past. Yesterday a grandad surprised his grandkids with a visit. There reaction was a poignant moment and reminder if needed how much we miss grandkids friends and family.

And it’s Rae’s brothers birthday today we connected over video call which was great!

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