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Rainbows and seals

Boy did it rain last night but luckily the van and the tent remained waterproof. The weather warning remained in place but we donned our waterproof clothing and headed for the beach.

Perfect 🌈 rainbows blustery winds and the occasional downpour were our companions as we walked along the beach.

A large expanse of sand with only the company of a very attentive animal.

Keeping sentry duty for his lazy compatriots on the sand bar . He was with us for a good 45 minutes just popping up to say hello.

We spent awhile in the company of these beautiful creatures before heading inland past the 2nd world war defences and sand dunes. Weirdly the sea is retreating here and is now some 15 miles further away than it was in Roman times?

The return was through the forest back towards the carpark. Unfortunately still no sign of the elusive red squirrel!

We returned home via St Andrews this is part of the university complex. Prince William studied here.

A view across the oldest golf course in the world.

Another beautiful rainbow again we were lucky and missed the worst of the rain.

The view across St Andrews bay with the forest we walked through in the background.

Weather remains unpredictable so we will wait until tomorrow morning before setting the agenda. So far Neil's visit had not been to adversely impacted by the weather. He is due to return home on Tuesday.

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