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Raspberry’s and bike ride

Still no car in the morning but we had planned to watch the England game before we did anything else. Not a particularly exciting game but that's was the second win and they look likely to progress. Enjoying watching them it all seems a little more civilised.

Had a mess about with Gordon and have put his application in to join Paw Patrol. There's a function on Tick Tock that transforms your dog if you're interested 🫠

We had lunch before setting off fo a bike ride into the hills. It's a path that we have walked previously but not cycled from base camp.

It took us about 30 minutes to cycle up to the first reservoir. There are 4 up at the base of the hills. They are all full to overflowing. Even when we first got here in early March they weren't full. It's a testament to the wet conditions that we have been having.

The view as always was stunning.

One of the things that has been a little different up here is the amount of wild raspberries they are as common as blackberries down south. I can't recall seeing any back home. Gordon is an addict and is been fed handfuls in on every walk.

We cycled along tracks but turned back rather than completing a circuit ad we had to get back for the car.

We had the best of the weather in the afternoon probably the best spell for a long time.

Rain due to return tomorrow so we will have to plan accordingly.

At least we have the car back eventually I picked it up at 18.30. It was £150 cheaper than the original £400 quoted so at least that was a win.

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