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Rats and Palaces.

Set off in the morning for the last must do thing on our list. This was a visit to the Royal Palace and gardens. On the way we had a close encounter with a rat and a police officer. The rat was scurrying about in the street and the police man had stopped his car with lights flashing got out and spent five minutes trying to persuade the rat with his truncheon back into the sewers. He had called for backup but before help arrived the rat disappeared back into the sewer and all was resolved.

Arrived in good time and entered the palace .

It was a combination of Moorish , Islamic and Christian.

The inside was impressive.

The palace grounds are extensive and home to peacocks and other exotic birds.

The palace and grounds are set in the middle of the city and are surprisingly quiet as they are surrounded by high walls.

It even had an indoor swimming pool.

Apparently in the summer the entire Royal entourage used to live underground to avoid the heat, returning upstairs for the winter! Sounds like a plan to me.

It still serves as a royal residence when the Royal family are in Seville.

This is rated as the top thing to do when visiting Seville and you can see why. Even in the off season the place was full to bursting with annoying tourists. Present company excepted of course!

We went looking for the bullring just so we could cross it off the list. Only to discover we had passed it several times without noticing. Needless to say we did not vist as its surprisingly still an active venue for the slaughter of animals.

Tonight we are off for a tour of tge trendy night spots just to have a look. Probably ride a bike out and meander back.

Tomorrow we have football in the evening at 9. Not sure what the plan is otherwise. We will get packed and ready in preparation for the next stage.

Like the lady in the picture we've been enjoying the sun . Today was the warmest day so far and we are both a little pink in the face. No point moaning nobody listens 😎🌈. This is a beautiful place to be but not sure I would want to be here at the hight of summer.

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