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4 shows in a day was enough. I have never been to more than one show or theatre in a day although enjoyable probably not sustainable over a longer period.

The last show was very good but a bit of a busman's holiday as it was about his depression, alcohol abuse, anxiety and suicidal ideation. Surprisingly very funny in parts give the subject matter.

Caught the late train back and were back on site just before midnight. Enjoyed our foray into the Fringe. If we do it again we will try to stay in the city for a while. At least you would have a base to operate from and to retreat to for a bit of time out!

We cycled off to rescue Gordon from his enforced sleep over.

He was very pleased to see us. When I say us I mean Rae. Me he tolerates. The ride was a good one a bit by the sea.

It was a blustery day but dry so ideal weather for cycling and the route was good in parts for letting the dog out for a walk.

He was very pleased to be back in his old spot in the van. We are expecting more rain over the next couple of days. It changes very quickly so we keep our fingers crossed.

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