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Reservoir Dog🫠

It was supposed to be hot and sunny so we drove 40 minutes to a woodland walk with a couple of reservoirs thrown in.

Gordon loving life.

Initially the route was a little busy as it seems it's a very popular spot. However once we walked a bit and deviated from the main path we didn't meet any one else on the 8 mile trail.

On the flip side at times it became very overgrown. Luckily we had read the reviews of the walk and had dressed appropriately. Legs covered and brambles and nettles resistant.

We came across the first and most impressive loch. It was originally a quarry and is now a reservoir. Due to the recent wet weather all the reservoirs are back to normal and any earlier concerns have been alleviated.

We had the entire place to ourselves and it was a great place to have lunch.

We then walked back towards the car via another loch a lot more overgrown but still nice in its own right.

Tomorrow the car is in for MOT so we will be staying local at least in the morning. Rae has Spanish and I may carry on painting the van.

It's supposed to be dry and sunny so may leave any walking for the evening.

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