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Return to work peat and hedges.

A day that was supposed to improve as it progressed remained overcast and never really warmed up. The midges seem to like this weather as there is little or no breeze. The weather this summer has been untypically dry and warm. I was told today that it’s been one of the driest on record in Scotland . Whilst it has made our time here much more manageable it’s also a little worrying and makes the impact of climate change all the more real. The upside if there is one is that the midges have been at the lowest ebb that any of the locals can remember. Whilst they are obviously irritating they I guess play a part in the life cycle of the flora and fauna of the highlands. One of the customers on site at the moment lives on a remote Scottish island. He showed me a picture of his peat cutting circle which he shares with a fellow resident. He and his wife relocated from Kettering and have embraced the rural idill. They are both now in there 70s and while I admire there bravery I’m not sure I would be happy being so remote if things went wrong. If for example they start to struggle cutting peat then cooking and heating would become problematic.

We had our hearing test today surprisingly mine was a little dodgy but helpful in my selective hearing issue. The others all appear to have no problems.

This afternoon we were out trimming hedges with Rae trying to get over her trimaphobia

Tonight was one of the earliest finishes so far with all bar one in by 18.00. Tomorrow is forecast to be the same as today. Unfortunately heavy rain scheduled for Sunday afternoon when we are off next. We are planning on visiting the old man of store on Monday probably the most famous landmark on Skye. Gordon is girding his loins in preparation for another expedition.

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