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Return trip extended.

We had the choice of returning the way we had come or taking the slightly longer route through the Cairngorms. I had often heard of Avimore in relation to a ski resort and wanted to have a look. The town itself was a little disappointing but the Cairngorms were beautiful.

Aviemore station the highlight of the town. In America they refer to it as a strip mall with nothing to recommend it other than the grandeur that surrounds it. In fairness it is a ski resort so probably would look and feel better with snow. We continued our journey homeward. Via a picturesque picnic spot.

On the edge of the the river Spey in the middle of the Cairngorms.

We passed a gate house but did not to get to see the main house which must’ve been impressive?

We continued our journey heading for Rae’s Haridresser on the other side of the mountain.

Dodging the red squirrels on the way. Past more breathtaking scenery and a couple of more stops.

Before Rae dropped Gordon and I off at the village pub in Glenelg.

A nice pub with great views of the island of Skye.

It made the journey and time spent waiting for her a little easier.

Back to work tomorrow. We have less than a month left at work and are looking forward too the next chapter in our adventure.

Just as I was sat in the garden we spied Minky whales gliding by. There is nowhere else like here!

Just found out that there is a Glenelg on Mars hence the twined with Mars sign as you enter the village.

Apparently the Glenelg it refers to is a place in Canada where they have found rocks of a similar age to those on Mars🤷‍♀️

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