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River in spate and new waterfalls.

The wind was blowing a gale all night and as it began to subside the rain started. This was the first weather event of this magnitude since April and was apt as it ushered in the first day of Autumn. The river above is in full spate and with more heavy rain due overnight it’s likely to continue to rise. It looks like the rain is with us off on every day for the foreseeable future. As a consequence our work outside was restricted. A couple of the pitches were flooded but eventually drained away with no serious adverse consequences.

However that gave us a chance to brush up on our training in preparation for the assessment visit in a weeks time.

The campsite remains busy and is running at full occupancy. Looking ahead there’s signs that things are begging to taper off. Up in the mountains the heavy rain is cascading down forming new rivers and waterfalls.

Another example of the ever changing landscape that surrounds us. The deer continue with there cacophonous noise. This remains a contentious issue in the compound. Tomorrow the rain is due to ease slightly late morning.🤞.

Work tomorrow and Friday off on Saturday. Looks like outdoor activities will be scaled back due to inclement weather 😏.

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