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River walk not as planned.

We had tried to find a walk that had the combination of trees and water. This was in response to the dogs needs. Initially we parked in a crematorium before deciding to try and get a little closer. Unfortunately in the gap between the walk being posted and us turning up they had managed to build a housing estate. We drove around looking for somewhere more appropriate to park and eventually ended up in an industrial estate. A short path took us out on to the banks of the Tweed. Unfortunately not a lot of trees but a bit of water.

We sat here had our lunch and enjoyed the weather I was acting as a sun shield for the dog!

As we had lunch kingfishers flew past, fish were jumping and we had the company of a family seeking to share in our picnic.

Across the river was Scone Palace with a fly fisher in the foreground up to his chest in the river. Rich people have to find something to do I guess?

It was probably one of our more unsuccessful walks but it had its high points including some graffiti art on the way.

We did find some trees and water so for a portion of the walk Gordon's full needs were met.

The drive over to the outskirts of Perth is a scenic one and if we had turned left rather than right after we left the car it may have been better. None the less we've had worse days!

We returned to the van and are in the process of trying to clean the whale bones we found yesterday. Amazingly there are many pages on Google advising on the best methods. We have gone for Vanish stain remover as it seems to have the recommended ingredients. We shall see..

Tomorrow is another nice day and we will probably set off for the local Loch near Kinross. We have walked around the 13 miles previously but if memory serves near half of it was in the shade and there's water so ✔️ ✔️.

We still await news in regards to the van we were supposed to get a call today but as is so often the way didn't happen!

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