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Rivers and castles

Decided to take the car to Perth having previously visited by train. My foot continues to make me aware that it's a little disgruntled still. So we opted for a stroll along the river.

Another beautiful park well maintained with not a living soul for company.

With the added attraction of sculptures and water features.

Not bad for a walk through the heart of a city!

Crossing the river to walk down the opposite bank.

I got soundly told off last time we were here when I suggested that Inverness was the gateway to the Highlands apparently according to the locals it's definitely Perth.

Did a bit of shopping after the walk before our journey back.

We stopped by a castle with no one in attendance and no sign posting.

Again we were the only people there. If that had been down south it would be heaving and expensive. So much history so much space!

Tomorrow we have booked breakfast in the local pub for the final, really looking forward to the game. Weather a bit dodgy tomorrow but looks like we may have a couple of good days ahead.!

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