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Roll reversal

Rae had a slightly later start than I did due to tide times I guess. We had watched the sun set the previous night.

Gordon and I retraced Raes steps of yesterday a 7 mile walk and met Rae at the ferry landing.

Another great walk along the coast with the obligatory castle ruins. It was a strange day in regards to the weather going from 4 layers to 1 and everything in between.

Passing a colony of Shags (not comorants )

The boat that sunk yesterday was miraculously re floated.

The trip to the island was a bit choppy with various sea sickness casualties Rae just about managed to hang on . Her trip was a great success with Seals and a distant minke whale spotted.

Yesterday I was privileged to see Gannets diving into the sea an incredible sight to witness and apparently not that common.

After the boat docked we returned to the van and convoyed to the next carpark. We dropped the car off halfway and will walk along the coast via another golf course to collect it tomorrow.

Another beautiful spot much more isolated and if the clouds clear tonight we should have some great skies.

A great place for a few nights right on the beach and so very peaceful.

Also a bonus is that the carpark machines are out of order

Although enjoying this break away I bet it's a totally different experience in the height of the season. We shall continue to try to enjoy the relative calm before the storm.

The view yesterday from the pub garden gonna be hard to beat.


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