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Room with a view😎

The rain that we were expecting never materialised so we set off in the early afternoon so we could arrive at the carpark that we are planning on staying for the next couple of night after the day time rush.. Prior to leaving Glenrothes we stopped off at a car wash as both vehicles were covered in sticky sap from the trees we are nestled under.

The carpark has 7 identified camper van bays and cost £10.00 for 24 hours and the big bonus is that they have toilets. So win win .

We got too park right on the beach front with a view that would cost a shed load of money if you had a house here.

We have the added bonus of not worrying about the van being parked illegally so can rest easy.

In the next bay over there was a surprise game of Cricket taking place. Which may explain why is not a national game up here.

We have a great view across the bay to the local town of Essie so if we fancy a stroll into town it's not too far.

Rae has Spanish in the morning and I'm off Puffin hunting. So Rae is on Gordon watch and we will meet up in the afternoon.

The next 2 days are looking ok weather wise so Puffin boat trips looks good for us both.

A stroll in the evening and we came across Ruby bay so called as you can find Rubys on the beach. Indeed there were 2 people with sieves who had found some very small ones.

Next to the bay is the lady tower.

So called as a Lady Anstruther in the 1700s who was a great beauty used to swim naked and had this built to change in and warm up.

Not a totally nice woman as she had someone ring a bell as she rode through the village to ensure everyone was indoors. Also she had a whole village destroyed as it obscured her view!

On the walk back.

And a view across the bay to our van.

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