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Rotten smell, clouds and late arrivals!

A day of grass mowing and comings and going’s. Magda and family went off to Skye. Very handily were passing the chippy on the way home.

The day was mostly cloudy with a breeze sufficient to blow the little blighters away.

There was a ghastly smell reported from the far end of the campsite so I set off to investigate. Having to cross the river and scramble over fences I eventually found the source. It was a stag with resplendent antlers who had shuffled off to a better place. Apparently when the spring grass arrives the deer gorge after a winter of starvation and sadly some get colic and die. Since we have been up here we have found dozens of dead animals. It’s indicative of the harsh environment up here and very much the circle of life.Not sure if we will be able too do anything about it as it’s a wild animal and not a farmers responsibility.

There was a serious accident in Inverness which lead to road closures and late arrivals a long day but constructive and rewarding.

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