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Routine and reasonable weather!

Forecast was for hail and thunderstorms but as we have learnt you can’t trust the forecast. A little rain but as the picture above shows a beautiful day! We are now getting into the rhythm of day to day life on the campsite. So much to learn and remember. A massive change of pace and skills. Tomorrow is a half day followed by 2 days off. We are planning a 20 mile walk around the nearest Munro. Decided to get packed and ready the night before to ensure an early start. Ive been talking to some long distance walkers and am starting to plan overnight walks. I am currently reading a book on how to prepare. It seems a shame to be up here without undertaking at least one! They have Bothys up here which are donated by farmers for walkers to sleep in. They are old farmsteads that are maintained by volunteer. Theres so much to learn about long distance walking and how to prepare. The book is over 500 pages long.

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