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Rules are changing

A pleasant day overcast but warm. The usual comings and going’s. I took the opportunity of a relatively empty tent field to whizz round with the mower. Today is the last day of the major COVID restrictions. Up until today there have been limits on the number of people that can use the toilets and showers. We have been using a band system which allows up to 3 people in the ladies and 3 in the gents. Every other shower, toilet and urinal has been closed. For the most part this has worked but when people have misused or refused to abide by the rules it has led to confrontation and arguments. We will all

be relieved when they finally open fully at midnight tonight. Apparently that’s the magic hour when covid stops being a threat! It will certainly take the pressure off and hopefully people will abide by the wearing of masks. Up in Scotland it remains a statutory obligation, we shall see.

We are looking forward too a couple of days off site when we visit Oban on Tuesday. Now we have remounted the pod it should be an easier operation 🤞

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