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Running ahead of the storm.

After a recommendation from a volunteer at the caves we went to on Sunday we headed north to Arbroath. It was slightly over an hours drive.

We were expecting high winds and rain in the afternoon so made the best of the weather. The path was well posted and very easy.

About 3.5 miles each way.

There were some great coves and the rocks were really interesting.

At times we had to put the dog on the lead. This was to placate me as I don't do well on cliff edges.

The path took us along the beach for a while. It gave my frayed nerves a little rest.

We took a brief walk around Arbroath itself a desolate and rundown high street. One of the shops had been turned into a cannabis factory and had just been raided by the Police.

There was the ruins of the Abbey which we decided not to explore on this visit as it had started to lash it down.

The walk was interesting and we completed it before the storm hit.

It would be interesting to return in the future as there was ample parking along the seafront for camper vans.

The town is famous for the Arbroath Smokies a hot smoked small haddock. Unsurprisingly there was no vegetarian alternative.

Interesting rock formations !!!

Tomorrow we are off early in the morning to the Crannocks museum. Definitely one of my must dos in Scotland so looking forward to it immensely!

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