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Sad day In good company!

We got up and went over to Jenny and Tony's to watch the funeral. Sad times but it was really nice to be able to watch it with company it's a day that none of us will ever forget.

Last night we enjoyed takeaway pizza with diner companions.

We then headed back to the van complete with our purchase from the antique fair.

At least we will have less chance of losing the keys. A little random especially as we are determined to

reduce the clutter in our life.

The night was peaceful with no disturbance.

The overnight spot worked well and we were joined further down the lane by others.

Gordon having a recharge before we headed homeward. We arrived back in Totton and with the help of Luke fitted the new bike rack and headed to Eastleigh for an overnight stay at Raes mums driveway prior to scheduled appointments tomorrow.

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