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Salamanca better than expected

The rain cleared overnight and the temperature plummeted. Not quite a frost but the windchill made it feel very cold. We got the bikes unpacked and the dog's trailer constructed before heading of to Salamanca. It was advertised on the website as a ten minute walk. It would have taken longer than that by car. It took us about an hour to cycle from site to center.

Rae managed brilliantly in organising our data SIM card for our mobile router. Thus means that for 20 euros we get over a 100 gigabyte for 4 weeks.

To celebrate Gordon and Rae danced in the park 🫠

The route into and out of town wasn't that exciting the highlight being the river crossing.

Initially we were less than impressed by the city. Pretty much the same the world over. However we decided to have a ride around the old town.

Oh boy we were glad we did. It explains why it's a world heritage site. We didn't have the time or the ability to explore it fully as we had the dog with us.

These walls are covered in bulls blood graffiti started 3-4 hundred years ago as the rich young men signed their names on graduation. The blood came from the bulls killed in the ring or slaughterd. Bulls have a place in Spanish society as representing male strength and virility.This area is the bull breading heartland of Spain. Unfortunately the bullring is still in use today, although some areas have banned it.

This is meat central with bits of dead pig and cow in every other shop.

Vegetarians are treated as slightly weird people that need to be pitied.

The old university which is still in use. With a 12th century painted ceiling.

The place has 2 cathedrals just in case one gets full🤷‍♂️.

The streets are wide and clean and at this time of year not too many people. Having said that I had never heard of the place prior to picking it out on a map as a stopover. So it's probably not on many people's bucket list?

Stunning decorations on the outside. If we come back this way we will definitely explore further and try to get inside some of the fantastic buildings.

Oh and of course Spains largest square.

We have a relatively short hop of approximately 2.5 hours tomorrow and we are planning on stopping in a town called Caseres. Again picked at random but is supposed to be a significant Roman historical site?

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