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Same country different world!

We had an early breakfast and walked the 3 miles or so to the coach station. We are dab hands at the transport system now. We are at the stage where we can advise others of the process. You buy tickets for the bus and then you have to purchase labels for any luggage that needs to be stowed.

Departure bus station with Rachael's plus 1.

The journey was 3 hours with one comfort break.

Unaventful journey but very comfortable.

We arrived on time and located the flat without any problems.

This is the view from the balcony of our flat.

We dropped the bags and headed out to the local supermarket.

Stopping on the way back for a pint.

A little easier than the Sahara.

Returned to the flat and watch the sunset from our balcony!

So beautiful much nicer than the Sahara!

Worth a sequence.

And finally

The difference in 3 hours is hard to comprehend. Marekesh was not fun or pleasant this place in comparison is idyllic. To get views like this from your balcony is a dream come true. My ideal temperature range. In the 70s during the day with the nights a comfortable 50!

There's some intermittent rain forecast over the coming day's showers and sunshine. With brighter days in between.

This feels like a holiday and we have 7 days to enjoy it.

Looking for a laundrette tomorrow first thing as wardrobe choices are becoming limited 😎

Cheers 😎

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