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Saying goodbye to the Blues

Last day in the Riff mountains and it will be a fond goodbye to the blue pearl of Morocco so pleased we came here and feel that the amount of time was about right.

A couple of niggles , rock hard mattresses, noisy cockerels and persistent drug dealers. On the plus side beautiful setting,to die for picture book blue streets and laid back traiders.

Would we come back probably done what we need to but would love the opportunity to explore the riff mountains further. A little put off by the warnings of being careful when out in the countryside due to the drug farms and associated gangs.

Today we walked up to the Spanish mosque a glorious vantage point. Not a functioning mosque and has never been. Past a couple of guards

More of the wild dogs and of course the young ones. We need to toughen up especially if your a cat or dog lover.

The views were spectacular.

We had visited the Kasbar as well today. Kasbar means castle apparently. Unfortunately like a lot of Morocco the idea is right but the execution is poor. It was built in the 15th century and has had very little TLC.

The views as always were worth a look and it was an oasis of calm in the middle of the busy souk. On Sundays the locals promenade on masse so every where is ramned .

Tomorrow we are off early to catch the bus to Fes some 5 hours away. The bus leaves at 10.15. The reports we have heard of Fes is that it's very hectic even for a Moroccan city . So we're bracing ourselves as we set off. We have 3 nights booked there in a guest house which is 1 up from a hostel so we are hoping for a comfortable mattress 🫣

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