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School runs and old walks

A beautiful day and we had free time so once again set off for the forest.

We have been living off grid for 2 weeks and as a consequence the solar panels that top up the batteries were no longer able to keep up. So we had to take the van on a circuitous route to enable the van's alternator to charge the leisure batteries.

The walk was an old favourite near to Hythe.

A combination of heathland and woodlands.

We then went into Hythe and did a bit of shopping. On the way in we lost a hub cap. A couple followed us for a few miles to inform us and tell us where it had fallen off. Nice people but poor explanation so unfortunately no hub cap. I did manage to find another one that will fit but it's different 🥸.

We then split up I met oldest grandson at his new school. The purpose was to catch the bus back from Hythe to home do that he would be able to do this on his own. He's 15 but struggling with crippling anxiety.

I then picked up granddaughter from school and walked home. The evening was spent walking locally with my son.

The cat in the tree was chased up there by sons dogs so hopefully it will make its way down safely.

Tomorrow more forest walking. Another bus run with grandson and I've been roped into a game of Monopoly (which I hate) in the evening with grandkids😳.

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