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Sea otters seals deer herons and highland cattle

We are awaiting arrivals from the south Magda and family are driving from Plymouth 😱. She set off at 6 this morning and is due to arrive at 8 this evening. Driving all the way with 2 kids! Looking forward to seeing them! We have very kindly been given the day off tomorrow by Simon and Judith. Rae went out for a run this morning and whilst negotiating ferrel goats she looked up and was treated to the sight of 2 sea otters cavorting in front of her. We have video evidence!!!. We went out for a walk to kill time and came across deer with new antlers

It appears that it’s like teeth they push the old ones out and straight away the new ones emerge covered in velvet. They still hang around together but will during the rutting season try to kill each other! How very male🥸.

Then the Highland cattle

We had a little rest by the river.

Before heading off looking for sea otters no luck but did see a seal and her babies on the headland. Headline picture!

We had Herons flying above and Dippers dancing in the river.

Finally decided to wait for Magda on the loch shore with a couple of pints to while away the time.

There are worse views from a pub garden🌈😎

Keep pinching ourselves all this within 30 minutes of where we live it’s truly a beautiful place!

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