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Second time lucky!

We attempted to climb one of the Munro’s that surround us a week ago, but were defeated by the weather and turned round as a blizzard surrounded us. We decided to give it another go today. To start out we passed a herd of mountain goats.

Then up we went

Enjoying spectacular views and with each step the magnitude and grandeur increased.

Until eventually we reached the top and time for a picnic for us probably the most scenic meal we have had.

And a wee livener for Gordon

On to the summit with a stunning view in the distance of the mountains of sky and the sky bridge.

By this time we had run out of path and had to find a way off the mountain. It’s definitely easier going up than coming down.

Found 2 more antlers on the way down so perhaps not as rare as first thought? However yesterdays was a 6 pointer which are known as Royals the one today was only a 3 pointer but still nice to have!

Eventually down to the river for high tea.

Both feeling a little smug with our selfs !

Finally the antler! We maybe becoming a little obsessed with looking for them🤷‍♀️.

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