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Seeds and sorting

We had a day of sorting through stuff and trying to reduce some of the stuff we have been carrying around before we set off for Europe. The less weight we are carrying the better. We will load up again when we head north in March.

We also sowed the seeds we had ordered on thr front garden. Hopefully we will have a better wild garden come next spring.

In the afternoon we made the best of the weather and drove over to Beaulieu Road Station for a soggy but beautiful circular walk.

One bit of sadness is that Gordon is for the first time showing some ill effects from walking. He doesn't seem to be in pain but is definitely stiff when he gets up. Although not surprising as he's 10 years old it is a reminder of his impending demise! On a selfish note it's also going to restrict our future activities!

The walk was a mixture of woodlands marsh and heathlands.

A quick pop to the shops and then back to base camp.

Tomorrow is looking grim, weather wise so maybe a book reading day ahead.

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