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Separate days

It was supposed to be the last sunny day for a while. Rae was off volunteering tugging out invasiive Himalayan Balsam Weed from a river. Gordon and I set off for a cycle ride to Kilkaldy.

This is by far the best view of Kilkaldy which is a very rundown seaside town. It has a large amount of social deprivation. We rode along the promenade.

You can see why this is not a major tourist destination. In fairness it does look better in the sun but then most places do. The weather didn't improve so we headed back a different way than the easy way we had come. It was initially easy enough with a some great views.

With a casualty on the way.

The route very soon deteriorated and I ended up covered in stinging nettle rash with a disgruntled dog.

This was a proper signed path suitable for bikes apparently. It got worse when we arrived at the bridge as I had to carry Gordon across and then carry the bike across in bits. Gordon was supervising.

We met up with Rae at a local pub and saved this young lady from getting run over in the carpark.

Apparently she and her family have set up home in the wall that surrounds the carpark and the staff feed and rescue them when needed.

Lots of rain over the next couple of days so some R&R in the offing.

We have got a couple of tickets for the Banksy exhibition in Glasgow on Tuesday it's just opened and is a retrospective of his work so we have that to look forward too!

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