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Shock and awe

The above picture was taken last night and highlights the heather on the mountains. It was a spectacular highlight to end the day.

The day it’s self was initially cold but warmed quickly. It turned into a beautiful warm day. We continue to be inundated with requests for camping. We could I believe have sold double the amount of pitches available. People tell us that it’s mayhem on and around the NC 500. I’m sure I’ve said this before but that is the famous tourist route round the Highland. Convoys of camper vans, caravans, motorhomes, interspersed with motorbikes ,cyclists and morons in super cars trying to race round it as fast as possible. It all leads to a dangerous mix and unsurprisingly there have been several accidents and unfortunately fatalities as a consequence. Many campers turn up with smashed mirrors as a consequence of battles on single tracked roads.

Not too worry anyone but there has been a marked increase in military aircraft activity around these parts. 4 F18s flew very low and very close today past us and up through the glens. A stomach churning sight and particularly sound.

The same mountain but sun covered with the odd cloud shadow. Not Totton 🤓.

Off to Granton on Spey tomorrow for a couple of days R&R. The start of saying goodbye to places we have loved passing through some of the most beautiful countryside that we have seen. A little bitter sweet as we will miss thus place but the draw of family and friends are strong!

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