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Showers sand and sea

Rae had Spanish first thing so we headed for the coast after she finished at about 11. We were hoping to complete the next chunk of the coastal path from Anstruther to Crail. As it turned out we had done a bit of this previously. The walkout was about 6 miles each way.

Initially along town that hugs the coast.

With the ever present Isle of May where we had visited the puffins previously.

We passed the caves and rock formations which the area is famous for.

The caverns were used for religious ceremonies in the past.

We followed the path until we reached the fishing port of Crail. Now much more upmarket and playing host to golfers and tourists.

A genteel and peaceful village with lots of holiday let's.

The advertised castle had big private signs and looked to be a single household.

We got caught in a couple of heavy showers but on the whole it was perfect weather for walking. A nice breeze and clouds obscuring the sun and providing shadows for his lordship.

There's an old tidal swimming baths constructed in the 1930s and very popular into the mid 60s. Still provides a safe and warmer swimming option.

The Scottish schools break up for the summer holidays this coming weekend so we are expecting things to become a little busier. So far it's been a very quiet season on the campsite. A picture reflected across all sites apparently. Mind you the prices have rocketed in line with the cost of living increases. They told us that the electricity bill had increased from 13k to 42k for this site alone!

We are now getting visits from mummy and daddy woodpecker which is a pleasant bonus!

Tomorrow it's raining all day so we will probably take advantage of our national trust membership to have a look around a local monument.

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