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Skating and a real bed

Carvery and babysitting last night with a late night due to train cancellations. Rae in particular had a late night drive when she agreed to pick up Emma from Southampton after rail chaos getting home at 2am

I got up early to take granddaughter to her ice skating lessons in Gosport. It was bloody cold but she did really well so worth the effort.

Rae caught the train to Chichester to meet up with a friend that we had first met in South America years ago. I was trying to work out the dates but gave up as time goes far to quickly for me to keep up!

In the meantime I dropped granddaughter back and exchanged her for Gordon and set off for Canada common.

A great mixture of heathland and woodlands.

On the way back and stopped for a warming cup of coffee but ordered a frappachino ( just discovered you can have coffee with oat milk.) all I succeeded in doing was giving myself an ice cream headache and making everything colder.

Tomorrow early start as we are getting the train to London to ice skate at Canary Wharf and see the lights.

The heater in the van remains a little hit and miss. Weather due to be below zero for the next few days so that should be interesting. Having said that would rather sleep in the van than inside at the moment.....

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